(Place Of Origin:Fujian China (mainland) Brand Name:Boreway )
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Product Detail
Quick Details
  • Place Of Origin:Fujian China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Boreway
  • Model Number:Bw-ddb-s08-a34
  • Type:Core Drill Bit,dry Use
  • Material:Diamond
  • Use:Stone,metal,concerte,wall
  • Dimension(mm):29mm - 127mm
  • Industry:Diamond Tools
  • Usage:For Granite Or Kinds Of Construction Materials
  • Advatage:Good Sharpness And Long Lifespan
  • Performance:Hightly Stable
  • Machine:Stand Drilling Machines Or Electrical Hand-held Drillers
  • Drilling Result:Flat Surface And Even Size
  • Suggested R.p.m:1500-4500
  • Welding Type:Vacuum Brazed
Vacuum Brazed drill core bits
1.reasonable price
2.High efficiency
3.long lifespan,


Product Introduction

Vacuum Brazed drill core bits - Vacuum Brazed

For Granite or kinds of construction materials. 

Suitable for stand drilling machines or Electrical hand-held drillers or CNC machines. 

High drilling efficiency, long working life, easy operation, low cost. 

Wet or dry use, this type drill bit is specially designed for dry use.


Detailed Product Description: 

1.High effciency, long life and no breaking of segments. 

2.Sizes of adaptor for threaded bit:M14,M16, G1/2",5/8"-11. 

3.Applicable for drilling small holes on kinds of stone such granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, etc.

4.Stable function and performance when cutting the stone,metal,concerte,wall.
5. We have registered our own brand. Therefore we ensure the quality about the Diamond Drill Bits for Stone we produce.
6. We provide the superior and professional sale service. 
7. We can also manufacture Diamond Drill Bits for Stone according to customers' needs. 

8.Suitable for stone drilling Machine, Manual Handling drilling Machine. 

9.Our products export  to Brazil, India, Australia, USA, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Russia.etc.more than 20 different countries.In these overseas markets,our blades enjoy a good reputation, we get good feedbacks about their corresponding test result, and also a long lifespan. so, we are confident in our products quality.



Vacuum Brazed Diamond Core Drill Bits for drilling granite

The following are the normal Specifications we are selling: 

Code No.DiameterUsePipe LengthWelding MethodAdaptor
BW-DDB-S0829mm (1-1/8")Wet or Dry

 3"- 4"


Diamond Vacuum Brazed

5/8" -11     M14
1/2 Gas

32mm (1-1/4")
35mm (1-3/8 )
38mm (1-1/2")
42mm (1-5/8")
45mm (1-3/4")
50/51mm (2")
57mm (2-1/4")
60mm (2-3/8")
63mm (2-1/2")
70mm (2-3/4")
76mm (3")
80mm (3-1/8"
89mm (3-1/2")
102mm (4")
110mm (4-3/8")
127mm (5")

Fast & Easy drilling, long life, very less or no chis, perfect performance.   

The above specification & photos is only for Reference, other specification or design can be ordered by customers.

we can manufacture products upon clients' needs.

Safety First ! 


Pictures about our product

    Vacuum Brazed Diamond Core Drill Bits   




     The following are some regular Diamond Core Drill Bits we are supplying to the market:



          BW-DDB-S01                         BW-DDB-S02                     BW-DDB-S03

          Small Diameters                    Crown Segmented           Normal Segmented


         BW-DDB-S04                          BW-DDB-S05                          BW-DDB-S06        

        Normal with Long Pipe       Normal, Side Electroplated     Turbo, Side Electroplated


          BW-DDB-S07                        BW-DDB-S08                 Diamond Core Drill Bits 

       Turbo, Side Vacuum Brazed   Vacuum Brazed                   with long pipe

   The about specifications & photos is only for Reference, other or special specification can be ordered by customers.


About us:

We are a manufacturer of high quality diamond tools in China for the stone, concrete, ceramic working industry.  "boreway" is one reliable Brand of Cutting, Grinding, Polishing, Grinding, Drilling Tools in China. Our products are not the cheapest, but high ratio of performance to price!


Where are we

Fujian Nan'an Boreway Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Shuitou Town, Quanzhou City Fujian Province, which has been known as The Chinese Stone City.  

Contact me

Address: Hongxing St., Shuitou Town, Nan'an City, Quanzhou, Fujian, China (Mainland) Zip: 362342   

Telephone NO.: (+86)595-86990206  18250633812



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